level control | gestra

Level Control | GESTRA

The compact NRGT 26-1S unit consists of a level electrode and level transmitter. It continually measures the water level on the principle of capacitance. During this process, it converts changes in the level into a 4-20 mA current signal proportional to the level. The measuring range is …

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hot-water plants | gestra

Hot-water plants | GESTRA

Pressurized hot-water plants Pressurized hot-water plants are equipped with a large range of pressurizing systems with the same components that are used to equip shell boilers.

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continuous blowdown valve reaktomat ba 46 - …

Continuous Blowdown Valve Reaktomat BA 46 - …

2018-6-11 · of boiler water (= boiler blowdown) is discharged continuously feature specially designed and wear resistant nozzle stems that enter concentrically into a system of expansion chambers which are arranged one after the other, making the valve well suited for the continuous discharge of boiler blowdown at very high differential pressures. The

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gestra - producer of industrial valves and electronics

Gestra - Producer of Industrial Valves and Electronics

GESTRA is a global leader in the design and production of valves and control systems for heat and process fluid control. We offer our customers a full range of complete systems and intelligent solutions engineered to function with maximum reliability.

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steam boiler equipment - overview | gestra

Steam Boiler Equipment - Overview | GESTRA

Steam Boiler Equipment by GESTRA Safety and cost efficiency are what we do best! GESTRA is one of the largest suppliers of boiler equipment in Europe. We have earned this position in the market over many decades, with high-quality equipment and innovative, future-oriented solutions.

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steam systems


2018-8-5 · SYSTEM FEEDWATER SYSTEM CONTROLS BOILER(S) STEAM-USE FACILITY BLOWDOWN SYSTEM ECONOMIZER MAKE-UP WATER STACK GAS STEAM BOILER FEEDWATER CONDENSATE RETURN TO SEWER. Steam Systems 5 Type of Application/ Load 1. Categorize the application and load as heating/cooling, process or combination Determine the maximum temperature for water discharge

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gestra - energy technology


Gestra BAE36, BAE36-1, BAE36-3, BAE28, BAE29, BAE210, BAE211, BAE39 Download Technical Sheets Gestra BA28, BA29, BA210, BA211 Download Technical Sheets Continuous Blowdown Ball Valve 510 Download Technical Sheets . Gestra Sample Cooler. For the smooth operation of steam boilers, it is especially important to analyse samples of the boiler water.

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2019-3-7 · Conductivity control To maintain a good water quality it is essential to discharge a certain amount of water from the boiler. The GESTRA TDS system (Total Dissolved Solids) automatically controls the water quality in combination with a continuous blown down valve BAE 46. LRGT 16-1 and BAE 46 and KS 90 Automation

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boiler equipment :: barthel armaturen

Boiler equipment :: Barthel Armaturen

Reliability, availability and efficiency have top priority in the field of boiler operation. As a reliable partner, we offer our customers professional advice and boiler equipment from one source. GESTRA steam boiler electronic and GESTRA valves. Water level electrodes “high-integrity design” New level electrode NRG16-50 with new switch NRS1-50

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gestra steam systems - flowserve

GESTRA Steam Systems - Flowserve

2019-7-1 · in accordance with TRD 604. Sludge sediments, which are accumulated precipitates from boiler water that settle at the bottom of the boiler, will be removed from the steam boiler with the the aid of valves PA and MPA. These valves give the boiler a short blow at regular intervals, thereby discharging accumulated sludge and sediments.

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